Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney in NJ

speeding ticket defense attorney

Similar to other traffic violations, speeding tickets can have a significant impact on your driving record in New Jersey.

Speeding tickets are surprisingly difficult to defend since most cases boil down to your word against a police officer’s.

However, there are ways to have a speeding ticket reduced to offenses that do not carry points on your license. In some cases, a dismissal may also be possible depending on the circumstances.

Do I need a Lawyer For a Speeding Ticket?

If you go to court for a speeding ticket, the judge has wide discretion over the amount of the fine. A municipal court judge can also suspend your license and even impose jail in extreme cases. In court, the municipal prosecutor represents the police and state. You are entitled to legal counsel as well, no matter what the charge is.

We can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf, speak with the police officer who wrote the ticket if necessary, and advocate to the judge. In many cases, this can result in a substantial reduction in the tickets issued and their consequences.

New Jersey Speeding Violation License Point System

All speeding tickets in New Jersey carry points on your license. The court does not impose points. Rather, points are assessed by the DMV/MVC. These points, and the record of the moving violation itself, may trigger DMV surcharges or a license suspension. These consequences are separate and apart from what may happen in the municipal court.

  • 1-14 over limit = 2 points
  • 15-29 over limit = 4 points
  • 30 + over limit = 5 points

We have experience not only representing clients in municipal court, but also in DMV hearings. Our office can also advise you in advance of what collateral consequences may be caused by a speeding ticket conviction. We appear in every municipal court in the State of New Jersey to defend clients against speeding and other municipal court violations.

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