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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime instantly changes your life.

If you are convicted of a crime, there is the possibility of jail time, large fines, a mark on your permanent record, and a damaged reputation.

It is very important that you call an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being convicted of a crime.

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio LLC, we are passionate about providing high-quality criminal defense representation.

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Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our law firm provides criminal defense for those who have been charged with various crimes in New Jersey.

Our criminal defense practice areas include:

If you have been charged with a crime that you do not see listed above, please feel free to call our team. If we cannot provide the legal help that you need, we will refer you to someone who can.

What Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers Will Do for You

You have the right to represent yourself when you are facing criminal charges, but doing so is against your best interests.

Instead, you should work with an experienced legal professional who knows the law, who has a relationship with prosecutors and judges, and who is committed to working hard for you.

When you choose our legal team, we promise to protect your best interests and Constitutional rights.

Explaining the Charges You’re Facing

When facing criminal charges, even understanding exactly what you’re being accused of can be confusing. Our New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will make sure you have a full understanding of the charges against you, as well as your options for defending yourself.

Helping You to Understand Potential Consequences

Until you hear the potential consequences, you may not think being charged with a crime is a big deal. We can help you understand a worst-case scenario event and the consequences that you could face.

Gathering Evidence and Poking Holes in the Prosecution’s Case

As your legal team, it’s our job to gather evidence that speaks to your innocence or pokes holes in the prosecution’s case against you. We will work hard to show that you are either a) innocent of the crime or b) shouldn’t be punished to the harshest extent of the law.

Protecting your Constitutional Rights

You have many rights spelled out in the United States Constitution.

Unfortunately, police officers or others may violate your rights during the criminal process. We’ll make sure that your rights are protected and that your case is fair. If evidence is submitted in violation of these rights, we can file motions to have it dismissed.

Representing You in All Appearances Before the Court, Including a Trial

You’ll need to appear before a judge multiple times. This begins with your arraignment hearing, where you will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. During this hearing and all other court appearances, we can represent you and speak on your behalf.

Negotiating a Plea Deal

Sometimes, accepting a plea offer is your best option. A plea offer is where you plead guilty in exchange for a reduced crime or sentence. We can advise you in accepting a plea bargain and negotiate on your behalf.

We will also be available to help answer any questions you have during this process.

Consequences of Being Convicted of a Crime

It’s important to remember that being charged with a crime is not the same as a criminal conviction. You may be able to avoid the worst consequences if you work with a lawyer. If you are convicted of a crime, you may face:

Jail Time or Prison Time

You could be looking at months or years of jail time depending on the crime you’re convicted of and the penalty given.

Large Fines

Most criminal convictions carry large fines. Sometimes, these fines total into tens of thousands of dollars.

Court-Mandated Community Service, Education, Rehab, etc.

Depending on the crime, a court may order you to go to alcohol or drug rehabilitation, take an anger management course, take part in an alcohol education court, perform community service, and more.

Limited Opportunities in the Future

One of the worst things about being convicted of a crime is that it may still affect you even after you have served your time and paid your dues. You could be denied housing, have trouble finding work, be rejected from education or volunteer programs, be denied time with your child, and more

Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer Wants to Help

At the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio LLC, we believe that everyone deserves a fair, unbiased trial and the right to competent legal representation.

When you hire our law firm to represent you, we promise that we will work hard on your case and do everything we can to get the best outcome possible. We are passionate about upholding everyone’s rights, including those facing criminal charges.

To learn more about our legal services and how we can help you, please call our law firm today or send us a message telling us more about your situation and the charges you’re facing.

We are here to serve you.

We will also remain available and accessible throughout the process, and can answer any questions you have.