Traffic Tickets in New Jersey – Who Can I Ask for Help?

Have you ever wanted to ask an attorney for legal advice, but did not know who to turn to?

Some people wonder if they can handle their own cases. Some are not sure what legal issues a troubling situation presents. Others know they need immediate legal assistance and wonder which attorney is best qualified to handle the case and available in their area.

When Do You Need an Attorney for Traffic Tickets?

These common situations affect many people, so you should not feel alone if you are going through a legal problem. The consumer advocacy website Avvo created a space called “Ask a Lawyer” intended to fill this need. The public is invited to ask legal questions in an open forum, and attorneys from around the country can answer, without forming binding attorney-client relationships. The Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio enjoy participating in this forum as a way of providing general information as well as helping people facing tough times.

Some years ago, someone on Avvo’s “Ask a Lawyer” forum asked a question dealing with methods for paying a traffic ticket. This person asked:

“I’ve tried 2 times (to pay) the ticket… to no avail. I’ve asked (the NJ Traffic Violations Bureau website) to notify me by e-mail once the ticket shows. I fear that I may lose the deadline. What should I do next? Thanks.”

What Happens If You Pay A NJ Traffic Ticket Late?

As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, many clients come to our offices after having been charged with serious traffic violations.  Our law offices have the honor of having helped dozens of people over many years, fighting to let people keep their driver’s licenses. Still, we understand that clients have straightforward questions that cause them great anxiety.

For anyone curious, my reply reminded the asker that, “Paying the ticket late can result in late fees and possibly a warrant being issued. You should try mailing the ticket with payment via certified mail, calling the TVB, or perhaps just walk in and pay it in person.”

We understand that a serious traffic violation affects more than your pocketbook. It can affect your ability to work and live, as it affects your mobility.

If you have questions, a New Jersey traffic attorney from The Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio is here for you. Contact us today for help with your case.

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