How to Get a Speeding Ticket Reduced

It’s no surprise that speeding ranks in the top causes of fatal crashes in New Jersey.

Statistics published by online news resource state that:

  •  In 2016, authorities issued more than 176,000 speeding tickets statewide; and,
  • Of these, 110,000 resulted in a guilty plea or verdict.

You do not have to be one of these statistics; there are options for fighting allegations.A total of 55,830 drivers resolved their speeding tickets through a reduction of charges or plea bargaining.

Your first tip on how to get a speeding ticket reduced is to get a New Jersey traffic violations attorney to represent you in court. You might also benefit from reading the following information.

Potential Strategies for Reducing a Speeding Ticket

It’s rare – but not impossible – that you can beat a speeding ticket through a not guilty finding or dismissal.

There is lots of evidence against you, including reliable speed measuring technology. Your best bet is to reduce a speeding ticket from a moving to non-moving violation. You can negotiate a deal with the prosecutor and plead guilty, but your punishment will not be as harsh as a moving violation.

Your attorney will handle the legal tasks for you, but some of the steps for getting lesser charges are:

  • Deciding what you’ll request as a plea, such as unlawful parking, driving without car insurance, not wearing your seatbelt, and others;
  • Collecting evidence to bring to your hearing, including the ticket, your driver’s license, a copy of your driver’s record (certified by state officials), and funds to pay your potential fine;
  • Appear in court early, so you’ll have a chance to discuss your case with the prosecutor;
  • Negotiate a deal with the prosecutor by explaining your situation and why you would like the speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation.

In some cases, you may not be able to work out an agreement with the prosecutor. Your driving history, the circumstances, and other factors may cause the prosecutor to decline. Even if you’re able to reduce your speeding ticket with the other lawyer, a judge must still approve it. The same factors may cause a judge to refuse your plea, so you could still have the original speeding charge.

Implications of a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey

It’s to your advantage to reduce your speeding ticket to a non-moving violation when you consider the financial implications. Depending on which citation you plead to, your fine may range from $46 – $54. You can also avoid having points on your driving record. If you don’t work out an agreement for your speeding ticket, you face the following sanctions:


The amount you pay is based on how far above the speed limit you were traveling, starting at $85 for going under 10 miles above the limit. Your fine will hit $200 for speeding at 20-24 miles over and $260 if you’re speeding 35-39 miles over. Plus:

  • Special rules apply to certain sections of roadway in New Jersey, including high fatality zones, construction areas, and schools. The fine will be two times the normal speeding ticket rate.
  • Your speeding ticket also doubles if you’re speeding more than 10 miles per hour in a zone where 65 is the posted limit.


You will also get points on your driving record, which can be very damaging for some motorists. Again, the points are based on your speed:

  • Less than 15 miles over equals two points;
  • You’ll get four points for speeding by 15-29 miles over the limit; and,
  • Speeding more than 30 miles above the posted limit is five points.

If you get a certain number of points in 24 months, you’ll have three choices:

  • Accept a driver’s license suspension for 30 days with a fee for reinstatement;
  • Take part in and pay for a driver’s improvement program; OR,
  • Request a hearing to present your side of the case. A judge will determine whether your driving privileges should be suspended.

How an Attorney Can Help Reduce a New Jersey Speeding Ticket

Legal help is critical when working out a non-moving violation.

Having a lawyer on your side is a huge advantage. Attorneys know the statutes and legal issues in your case and can find weaknesses in the allegations. This makes it easier to negotiate your speeding ticket to a non-moving violation.

Lawyers also know how to get a speeding ticket reduced because of their experience with the court system. They appear in court often, so the courtroom setting is familiar. They have the skills to negotiate with prosecutors and reach a compromise that benefits their clients. An attorney will always work to come to an agreement about your ticket if it’s possible. The goal is to reduce your fine and get fewer – or zero – points on your driving record.

Discuss Your Options with a New Jersey Traffic Violations Lawyer

The best strategy for how to get a speeding ticket reduced is getting legal help from a knowledgeable attorney.

Traffic citation isn’t a serious crime, but the consequences extend beyond fines. There are implications that affect your wallet, personal freedoms, and your driving privileges.

For information on how we can assist with your case, please contact the Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC. We can set up a consultation at any of our five New Jersey locations.

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