When you or someone you love has been charged or convicted of a crime, it can be a devastating event for anyone to recover from.

After the legal process of hearing evidence presented against you, and then having to present a case in your defense — doing everything in your abilities to fight the charges, sentencing, and accept and move on—the whole legal system may feel like it is working against you.

NJ expungement lawyer who has met with clients, talked with their families, and heard countless cases presented in open court understands how often it happens that good people make bad choices. Or, good people act recklessly without realizing the full view of consequences from those actions.

That’s why, when it is appropriate, it makes sense for many people to seek the services of a NJ expungement lawyer to discuss whether expungement could be an option.

First, seeking an expungement can be a somewhat complicated process. Many people don’t know the first place to start. That’s why consulting a lawyer is the best first step to mapping out the expungement process. Talking to a professional will also give you a better grasp of the timeline and what to expect in the road ahead.

Next, your attorney will ask you to provide information about your record – what charges were given, what sentencing was received, and how much time you served are all standard questions.

Did you know that when requesting an expungement, the court allows applicants to include any juvenile charges as well? If you received any juvenile delinquency charges, discuss those with your expungement lawyer as well.

After reviewing the information, the attorney can determine if you are eligible for an expungement. If you are eligible, the next step is to file a request with the court located in the county in which the charges were given. This request includes several forms, including a petition for expungement, a proposed order for an expungement hearing, a proposed expungement order, and verification that you are eligible for a New Jersey expungement.

The package of forms in the NJ expungement request is highly detailed, and should really only be prepared by an attorney. Any mistake can result in you having to start the process all over again.

For more information on what to expect in the next steps of an expungement, please check out the legal guide on NJ Expungement Process, written by the NJ expungement lawyer of Law Offices of Anthony J. Vecchio, LLC.

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