Plainsboro Municipal Court – Cranbury Municipal Court

Plainsboro Township Municipal Court – Cranbury Township Municipal Court
Location: Plainsboro Municipal Court
641 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Phone: (609) 799-0909

A lot of traffic and speeding tickets are given out by Plainsboro and Cranbury police. Some DWI and criminal / drug possession cases are also heard in Plainsboro court. Plainsboro and Cranbury Townships share a court, which is located in Plainsboro next to the library. Court sessions are held every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and at 6 p.m. on every other Thursday. The judge in Plainsboro Municipal Court is the Honorable Edward H. Herman, P.J.M.C.

Plainsboro is comprised mostly of residences. The town is unique in that it contains pristine farmland but is also in close proximity to both New York and Philadelphia. It is also minutes away from Princeton and New Brunswick. Plainsboro is also only a one hour drive to the beach. Plainsboro spans roughly 12 square miles and its population is approximately 20,000. While technically in Middlesex County, Plainsboro borders the Townships of Princeton, West Windsor and East Windsor, all of which are situated in Mercer County. Several significant corporations and research facilities are located in the Township of Plainsboro.

The oldest part of the Township is located around the crossing of Plainsboro and Dey Roads. Originally, an 18th century tavern named “Plane Tavern” was at this spot. Some Some believe it was this tavern after which the township would be later named.

The first known inhabitants of Plainsboro were the Unami indians. The Unami were an offshoot of the larger Lenni Lenape tribe, which in turn was a subtribe of the Delaware. The township was desirable because of its abundant fertile land and water supply.

The Dutch later settled in Plainsboro in the 17th century, followed by English settlers. Economic activity prospered in early Plainsboro. The Walker-Gordon Laboratory Company adopted the township for its dairy farm. The First Presbyterian Church of Plainsboro was founded in 1879. The current building went up in 1932 on the site of the original church.

In the 1970s, large planned residential neighborhoods were constructed in Plainsboro by Lincoln properties. Beginning in the late 1970s, Princeton University constructed is office park, the Princeton Forrestal Center.

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