Pine Beach Municipal Court (Ocean County, NJ)

Address: 599 Pennsylvania Ave.
P O Box 425
Pine Beach, NJ 08741

Phone: (732) 349-6453
Fax: (732) 240-0533

Court sessions are held the first Wednesday of every month at 3:00 p.m. The judge in Pine Beach is the Hon. Philip M. Miller. The court administrator is Charlene Carney. The court accepts cash, credit cards and personal checks. Pine Beach is a relatively low-volume court. Pine Beach Police make some DWI and criminal arrests. Low amount of traffic and speeding tickets are issues in Pine Beach. Some disorderly persons offenses complaints filed as well.

Pine Beach was the vision of Robert M. Horter. In 1908, Horter was on vacation in Riverbank, NJ at the Windward Yacht club. Horter had a dream of waterfront cottages for the location and soon learned thatThe price was $10,000. He jumped on that deal.

Pine Beach was originally a section of Berkeley Township for 15 years but after a referendum, Pine Beach voted to become a Borough.

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