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Oceanport Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is located at 222 Monmouth Boulevard, Oceanport. Phone: (732) 222-8222. Sessions: First and Third Wednesdays at 8:00 a.m. Judge: Hon. Richard B. Thompson. Prosecutor: James N. Butler, Jr., Esq.

In 2010, the Police Department consisted of 17 full-time law enforcement employees, including 14 police officers. The N.J. State Police Uniform Crime registered 88 major crimes in 2010. This results in a crime rate per 1,000 residents of 15.1 and a violent rate of 1.2.

There were no murders or bias crimes. The reports included 1 rape, 2 robberies, 4 assaults, 23 burglaries, 23 incidents of domestic violence, and 17 cases of police force.

Additionally, independent data, which do not consider bias crimes, domestic violence or police force, show 57 thefts, 1 auto theft and 3 arsons.

Oceanport – New Jersey

Oceanport was formed as a borough in 1920 from portions of Eatontown Township. It is a predominantly residential community along the shores of the Shrewsbury River. Oceanport was formerly called Eatontown Landing.

Oceanport is home to Monmouth Park Racetrack and Fort Monmouth. Though only 3.9 square miles (83.68% land), Oceanport’s nearly six thousand residents enjoy not only the Shrewsbury River, but various recreational sports programs, an active senior group and a true feeling of community. In 2008, New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Oceanport 4th in its list of “Best Places to Live” in New Jersey.

As of the 2000 census, there were 1,554 families and 2,114 housing units. Unofficial 2009 estimates place the median house or condo value at $457,164 in 2009, almost twice that of 2000 ($230,400). The January 2011 cost of living index was 21.3% higher than the national average. More than ten percent of the residents own four or more vehicles, compared to 4.48% statewide.

The ethnic composition, as per the 2000 census, was 95.71% White, 2.07% Hispanic or Latino of any race and 1.96% African American. The major ancestries are Italian (34.9%), Irish (25.6%), German (16.7%), English (9.7%), Polish (7.8%), and American (3.8%). The age breakdown was about 25% each for those under 18, from 25 to 44 and from 45 to 64. People 65 years of age or older represented 14.2%. The median age was 40 years.

Out of the 2,043 households recounted in the 200 census, 35.2% had minors living with them. More than half (66.0%) were married couples living together. Households composed of non-families and of individuals were 23.9% and 21.7%.

At the time of the 2000 census, the median family income was $85,038. Male median income was about 45% higher than that of females ($57,955 versus $39,718). The median household income was $71,458 and the per capita income $33,356. Unofficial 2009 estimates place these at $90,342 and $51,251. About 2.7% of the population was below the poverty line. Unemployment has risen from 2.3% in 2000 to 8.6% by March 2011.

The 2010 data for highest educational level of residents age 25 and over reveal that 7.14% did not complete high school versus 27.27% who did. Those with some college or associate’s degree represented 27.16%. Holders of a bachelor’s degree were 26.69% versus 20.65% statewide. Those with a graduate degree were 11.74% versus 12.05% statewide.

The major industries in which residents engaged from 2005 to 2009 were public administration (16% each males and females), retail trade (16% females), educational services (15% females), manufacturing (12% males) and finance and insurance (10% males).

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