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Much of Middlesex Borough falls in a school zone, which escalated the penalties for certain offenses like drunk driving and other drug charges. If you have been arrested in Middlsex Borough for any offense, the best thing to do is speak with an experiened criminal defense attorney right away. Give us a call anytime for help.

Middlesex Municipal Court & Police Info

The Middlesex Municipal Court is located at 1200 Mountain Ave., Middlesex, New Jersey. There are two judges at this court, the Honorable Dennis Fackelman, J.M.C and the Honorable George L. Psak, J.M.C. Evening court sessions are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm. The Middlesex Borough NJ Court Administrator is Lizandra DeAngelis, and the Deputy Court Administrator is Vanessa Tovar. The court’s phone number is (732)-356-4644. The court’s office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.

In 2010, the Middlesex Police Department was comprised of 27 full-time law enforcement employees, all of which are police officers. There are five volunteer fire departments in Middlesex Borough, the fist originated in 1905. As of 2010 The N.J. State Police Uniform Crime Unit reported 151 main crimes. The findings registered were 6 robberies, 1 assault, 21 burglaries, 62 occassions of domestic violence, 4 prejudice crimes, and 27 incidents of police force. There were not any homocides or rapes reported that year.

General Middlesex Borough Info

In 1913 Middlesex was formed as a borough from sections of Piscataway Township. Middlesex is approximately BLANK miles from New York City. According to the 2010 United States census, Middlesex has a population of 13, 635 in a 3.5 sqaure mile area.

There are four public schools in Middlex Boro. The Hazelwood Elementary School is for students from pre kindergarten through third grades. The Watchung Elementary School and The Parker elementary School are for kids in kindergarten through third grades. The Von E. Mauger Middle School is for students from fourth through eighth grades. High School ageresidents attend Middlesex High School for grades ninth through twelfth. No longer in operation, back before Middlesex was even incorporated there was The Harris Lane School, a one-room school and oldest in the County. Also The Parker House was used as a school until it was rehabilitated into house. While there are no colleges or universities located wiyhin Middlesex, there are some options nearby. Middlesex County College is located in New Brunswick as well as Rutgers University.

The percentage of Middlesex residents ages 25 and over who received a bachelor’s degree or higher were below state levels. According to the 2010 United States census data they had a percentage of 19.02 versus the statewide rate of 20.65%. About 12% of the residents had not received a high school degree or finished versus the 37.60% statewide who had. About 20% of the residents had some college or received an associate degree.

The main wide-ranging heritages in Middlesex are Italian at 26.0%, Irish with 20.3%, German at 19.4%, Polish at 14.5%, English with 6.0% and Hungarian which makes up only 2.3%of the residetns. As of 2010 the ethnic and cultural makeup of Middlesex residents is 87.26% White, 4.16% Asian, 9.00% Hispanic or Latino, and 3.36% African American. There are presently 1,744 foreign-born residents residing in the borough.

Middlesex has a great recreational center that provides yearround entertainment and various sports complexes including an ice rink and roller skating rink.

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