Lake Como Municipal Court

Lake Como Municipal Court (South Belmar)
Address: Lake Como Municipal Court
601 Main St, PO Box 569, Belmar, NJ 07719

Phone: (732) 681-8864
Fax: (732) 681-4728

The Honorable Mark T. Apostolou, J.M.C. has presided in Lake Como Court for years. Lake Como was formerly known as “South Belmar” court. Lake Como was first incorporated as “South Belmar” in 1924. Lake Como was cobbled together from pieces of present-day Wall Township in 1924. In 2004, South Belmar voters went to the polls n and approved changing the town’s name to “Lake Como.”

A surprising number of drunk driving arrests are made in Lake Como, particularly in the summer months. This may be due to Lake Como’s proximity to Belmar and it’s summer crowd. Route 71 and 35 traverse the town as well. Speeding and other New Jersey traffic tickets are also issued in Lake Como. Some criminal arrests for disorderly persons charges are also issued by Lake Como police.

About 400 families now call Lake Como home.

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