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Call to speak with an experienced defense lawyer before appearing in Cinnaminson Court. The Cinnaminson Municipal Court has original jurisdiction over traffic violations, DWI arrests, and disorderly persons criminal charges. Felony criminal charges such as possession of CDS and all juvenile charges with be heard in the Burlington County Superior Court.

Cinnaminson New Jersey

Cinnaminson Township in Burlington County, N.J. is a suburb of Philadelphia. It borders the Delaware River. It was incorporated as a township in 1860. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it has a total area of 8.1 square miles, most of which is water (94.29%).

As of the 2010 Census, the population was 15,569. This represents almost a 10% increase from the 2000 population of 14,595. There were 4,141 families and 5,147 housing units in 2000.

The racial composition in 2000 was 91.36% White, 5.08% African American, 1.88% Asian and 1.53% Hispanic or Latino of any race. The most common first ancestries reported are Irish (24.1%), Italian (19.5%), German (15.7%), English (7.2%), and Polish (5.6%).

The most common places of birth for the foreign-born residents are Italy (15%), Korea (8%), Canada (7%), United Kingdom (6%), India (6%), Poland (6%) and other countries from South Central Asia (6%).

In 2000, about a third (33.2%) of the 5,057 households had children under the age of 18 living with them. Almost three fourths (70.5%) of the households were made up of married couples living together. Households composed of non-families and individuals represented 18.1% and 15.5%, respectively.

The median age of the population in 2000 was 42 years. About a fourth of the population (24.5%) was under the age of 18. Percentage of individuals in the 15 to 44 and 45 to 64 years of age were fairly similar (24.9% and 25.5%). People 65 years of age or older represented 19.1% of the population. For every 100 adult females, there were 91.7 males.

In 2000, the median income for a household was $68,474. By 2008, it had increased about 27% to reach $87,387. The median family income was $75,920. The difference between male and female median income was almost 40% ($57,122 versus $41,286). The per capita income was $29,863. About 2.4% of the population was living below the poverty line. The estimated median house or condo value in 2000 was $158,200. This value more than doubled in 2000 to $343,525.

Cinnaminson Criminal & Professional Stats

According to the N.J. State Police Uniform Crime, 390 major crimes were committed in 2009. This results in a crime rate per 1,000 residents of 25.4 and a violent rate of 0.9. There were no murders or rapes registered that year. The reports included 5 robberies, 9 assaults, 67 burglaries, 1 bias crime, 46 cases of domestic violence and 33 incidents of police force.

Approximately a fourth of the male population is engaged in professional, scientific and technical services (9%), construction (9%) and educational services (5%). Almost a third of the female population is employed in health care (17%) and educational services (14%).

According to the 2000 data for the highest educational level attained by the population aged 25 and over, 9.58% had not completed high school (versus 14.15% statewide). Percentage of high school graduates was similar to the state level (30.95% versus 30.0%). The same applies to holders of a bachelor’s or graduate degree (21.47% versus 20.65% and 10.44% versus 12.05%, respectively).

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