10 Arrested in Sophisticated New Jersey Drug Ring

As a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer, I’ve helped many clients across the state fight drug-related charges. Even with this experience, however, very rarely do I ever come across a drug-related case as large—and sophisticated—as the one that shocked New Jersey earlier this year.

In January, state and local authorities arrested 10 people in a alleged Central New Jersey crime ring. During the arrest, they busted up an alleged drug distribution network, seizing $130,000 worth of drugs and several illegal weapons.

According to a recent report from NJ.com, the drug ring allegedly spanned nearly two decades. What’s even more upsetting is the involvement of local government officials in New Brunswick, New Jersey—a city housing inspector and a township public works employee. The inspector was actually found possessing drugs in his government car.

According to authorities, a third man charged was employed by the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department as a dispatcher.

Investigators carefully focused on the drug ring for nearly 10 months, finding that the ring distributed cocaine and marijuana around Central New Jersey for nearly 20 years.

In total, detectives recovered more than 1.5 kilos of cocaine, two pounds of marijuana, 12 ounces of MDMA, 167 prescription legend drugs, and steroids. 36 weapons were also recovered, 22 of them illegal.

New Jersey State Police, the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, the New Brunswick Police Department, the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, the Plainfield Police Department, and the FBI all had a role in the investigation. The case will be prosecuted by the Division of Criminal Justice under the Office of the Attorney General, according to the NJ.com report.

If you have questions about this, or have been charged with a drug-related crime in New Jersey, be sure to contact an experienced drug charge defense attorney right away.

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